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In the line of electrical maintenance and servicing, one needs to be equipped with the utmost skill-sets and knowledge in order to deal with high and low tension wires in transformers and switch boxes. When you are in need of someone to resolve problems of such precision, Mr Nelson Soh and his team at NSCC Services Pte Ltd is certainly capable of settling all your troubles.

After working as an electrical technician for 10 years, Mr. Nelson Soh was already a highly skilled specialist in his profession. Consequently, with the aid from a served client who admired Nelson’s capabilities, the entrepreneur received a purpose to single-handedly establish NSCC Services in Year 2005. However, one-man show was never an easy task for any start-ups, Nelson was no exception.

Even with several client referrals, NSCC Services struggled to fulfill her projects due to the lack of competent workers in the human resource market.

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Preventative maintenance is the key in keeping the electrical system working properly. It is recommended that the circuit breakers, connection points and switches be tested periodically to check its functionality. A visual inspection should also be done to check for any buildup of dust or debris and at the same time look for burn marks or discoloration in any of the parts.

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Latest News

Leo Chua return to NSCC after 5
years departure from France MNC
on 1 Oct 2017

NSCC received SME Award
on 11 Nov 2017

Supplying of ABB low voltage products 2 Jan 2018

Experienced Business Development Consultant Join The family on 12 Jan 2018