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NSCC Services Pte Ltd
Mr. Nelson Soh

In the line of electrical maintenance and servicing, one needs to be equipped with the utmost skill-sets and knowledge in order to deal with high and low tension wires in transformers and switch boxes. When you are in need of someone to resolve problems of such precision, Mr Nelson Soh and his team at NSCC Services Pte Ltd is certainly capable of settling all your troubles.

After working as an electrical technician for 10 years, Mr. Nelson Soh was already a highly skilled specialist in his profession. Consequently, with the aid from a served client who admired Nelson’s capabilities, the entrepreneur received a purpose to single-handedly establish NSCC Services in Year 2005. However, one-man show was never an easy task for any start-ups, Nelson was no exception. Even with several client referrals, NSCC Services struggled to fulfill her projects due to the lack of competent workers in the human resource market. Nonetheless, through consistent effort in hunting for capable workers from the industry and the belief in mutual respect with the employees, Nelson was able to garner a pool of trusted electrical specialist who helped NSCC Services to achieve successful completion of numerous projects.

As a result, the reputation of company’s tip-top service quality and highly skilled works were soon heard across the industry, which increases NSCC Services’s standing gradually. In addition, having a full range of sales services and the ability to deliver the customers’ requests on time, NSCC Services was highly recognized by many renowned clients such as SP Services and SBS Transit as well as MNCs like Jardine Engineering. The company’s customer base definitely justifies the proficiency of Nelson and his team at NSCCServices.

Having only graduated from a primary school, Nelson boldly admit that his lack of education did not stop him from shining on his area of specialization and bringing NSCC Services to greater heights. Embarking on a business which allows Nelson to execute his skills and knowledge is the greatest satisfaction that the businessman gets from his work.

Today, NSCC Services will continue to focus on providing the absolute customer satisfaction for her existing clients while expanding her business to the import and export of electrical accessories.

Our Mission

To Provide Innovative Engineering Service That exceed customer epectation and to add values to shareholders and employees

Our Vision

“Our oject is to provide zero production downtime
through customer feedback and to improve the organization
effectiveness in delivery of our quality & Services”

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