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Switchboard and Switchgear Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the key in keeping the electrical system working properly. It is recommended that the circuit breakers, connection points and switches be tested periodically to check its functionality. A visual inspection should also be done to check for any buildup of dust or debris and at the same time look for burn marks or discoloration in any of the parts.

In performing this type of maintenance, the longevity of switchgear power systems can be increased. Switchgear power systems are generally a low maintenance type of equipment but that should not prevent it from receiving attention at least once a year. Even though the equipment can function smoothly for a number of years without inspection but ultimately the failure of the system could have been prevented with some simple annual maintenance of the systems. Some of the test and services we conduct are listed below

Thermography Inspections

Partial Discharge Test

Cable Testing

Transformer Oil Di-Electric Strength and DGA

Expertise to assist in Oil Electricals Faults and Systems Trips/Failure


Electrical Component Supply 

Aircon Services

Corrective & Preventive

Building Services

Facilities Management
Preventive and Corrective

Cable Testing

HT Cables
LT Cables

CB Profiler

Dissolved Gas Analysis
and Oil Test

Electrical Services

Electronis Trip Units
for CT Circuit

ABB, MG, Mitsubishi
and Teasaki

Lew Services

Maintenance Services

Maintenance of low/ high voltage
Switch gear Transformer Distribution
Switchboards Electrical Risers

Partial Discharge

Trouble-Shooting of Faults
in the Electrical Network

Ultrasound inspections

Partial Discharge

Very Low Frequency Test
for Power Cables

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